Types of Vapes


Let’s start at the beginning. For all brand-new vapers, disposable devices or kits will be the entry point. For a very important factor, they’re usually the easiest someone to find. Disposables are readily available at a variety of different establishments.

There’s too much to love about disposables. They’re user-friendly, relatively inexpensive, and don’t require any reloading. They’re pre-loaded with vape juice ready to utilize as soon as you open the package, and can be discarded once you’ve exhausted the method of getting vape juice.

Most disposables will fall under a sub-category of “e-cigarettes” or devices that are created to look and feel just like cigarettes. They’re easily available generally in most stores that sell cigarettes, such as tobacco stores, drugstores, and gas stations.

The benefits of disposable are pretty evident. That you do not need to have any skill or practice vaping; you don’t need to purchase or reload juice; no parts need to be removed or maintained. They’re easy to find in stores.


Advancing slightly further, let’s move ahead to e-cigarettes. An e-cigarette’s name describes the fact that it physically resembles a cigarette. It’s the same shape and tactile feel, but it’s much more technologically advanced (hence the “e” for electronic).

Now, simply to clear up any confusion, many e-cigarettes fall under the “disposable” category. However, not totally all e-cigarettes are disposables, which is why we’re providing them with their very own category in this post.

E-cigarettes are normally an intensify from disposables that have rechargeable batteries and you can refill them.

Often, these slightly more customize vape devices could be the natural alternative following a new vaper that tries several disposables and finds that they’re interested in pursuing vaping further. These units offer a bit more customization with the capacity to choose different vape juice to refill with and can be recharged so there isn’t to discard them.

Vape Pens

Love the slim, compact profile of an e-cigarette, but want a bit more customization in your vape experience? A vape pen or vape pen kit might be precisely what you’re looking for.

A vape pen allows you the capacity to personalize your vaping experience a bit more and has a bit more advanced functionality.

For lots of vapers, the vape pen is an all-natural progression from the simpler e-cigarette experience. While they are compact enough to suit easily in your hand (and to transport easily in your pocket or handbag), they’re only a little larger and typically more than an e-cig.

A vape pen has two primary parts: a battery and a tank. These parts may be detachable, or it might be a fused design.

Vape pens are incredibly versatile and handy. However, they do have their limits. Even as we mentioned, the tank size is limited. While you’re able to try out vape juice flavors to your heart’s content, you don’t necessarily have a ton of control over maximizing cloud production or flavor intensity how you do with a more advanced device.

By Joe Lewis

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