E-Cigarettes Vs. Vaporizers – Overview

When it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping, plenty of individuals are clueless. Here are a few factors.

The Difference

Flavor: E-cigs do not have a wide selection of e-juice flavors at their disposal. They are mainly on tobacco and menthol flavoring to taste just like a regular cigarette.

Customization: Cartridges with e-cigs are pre-filled, and manipulating the device for more flavor is simpler to take action with vaporizers.

Battery: E-cigs have a limited number of batteries because of their size, while vaporizer batteries can last all day.

Cartomizers: Unlike vaporizers, you can’t view the cartomizer on an e-cig to inform when it’s almost empty.

Nicotine: Nicotine levels tend to be more controlled via a vaporizer than an e-cig. This causes a smoother delivery of the nicotine. Additionally, there’s a selection for no nicotine using vape e-liquids.

Refillable: Vaporizers are refillable with e-liquid, while e-cigs demand a new cartridge when they run out.

Automatic: At first, e-cigs had an option that an individual had to push every time they inhaled. Now, most e-cigs are automatic and activate whenever an individual inhales.

Cartridges: Cartridges of e-cigs may not be compatible across brands. So you’ll need to do your research and learn when buying one.

Buttons: Most e-cigs are automatic without buttons to push, while vaporizers have buttons that can be pressed to inhale the vapor.

The Similarities

Rechargeable: Both can be recharged using a USB or wall charger. However, not absolutely all e-cigs are rechargeable; some are disposable. Safe charging practices require research, high-quality batteries, and a charger that’s supplied by manufacturers all to ensure safe charging without overheating.

No Secondhand Smoke: Both release clouds of vapor in place of smoke. Because of this, there’s been no evidence to suggest secondhand smoke, consequently from inhaling vapor from e-cigs and vaporizers.

Throat Hit: Both offer what’s called a “throat hit,” which is comparable to the feeling tobacco smokers get.

No Tobacco: Both e-cigs and vaporizers do not contain tobacco. Instead, they give nicotine.


E-cigarettes and vaporizers are new to the scene and remain being studied to this day. So even if you searched the web for everything there’s to understand, you might still have questions unanswered. But you’re not alone. Thousands of people are studying all the alternatives you can find to smoking a conventional cigarette, and exploring what this new vape thing is all about. If you’re still considering vaporizers and the vast array of customization’s that include it, the first thing you should do is research.

By Joe Lewis

I am Joe, an Australian business owner. I'm an avid fan of WowVisible because they're good at prioritizing every business's growth and have proven methods to help the business grow faster.

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