Vaping Facts You Need to Know

Vaping is a fun experience only if done correctly. New vapers need to know the various areas of vaping before having a plunge into the vape world. From the different devices to nicotine strength and more, there are numerous items that one has to know before you begin the vaping experience.

Are you ready to vape? Want to experience the most effective? Then power it down with a delightful vape juice and device. However, before having a plunge into the vape world, you need to know everything about vaping to avoid accidents and embarrassments in the future.

Different Types of E-cigs

Usually, the vape tools are called e-cigs or vapes, but there are significant distinctions between them. So, let us browse the various kinds of vape devices available:

1. Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung Devices

Mouth to lung devices includes disposable vape pods like disposable e-cigs. With these units, you draw the vapor into the mouth area before inhaling, which is often preferred by new vapers. Disposable vape pods bring some of the most flavorful experiences.

On the other hand, direct to lung devices include box mods that produce airier vapes and are inhaled directly into the lungs.

2. Coughing for the First Time is Normal

Based on a survey, about 60% of vapers admitted they coughed for the first time they tried vaping. However, for many people, the cough is a temporary effect, which didn’t last for a more extended period. There may be various reasons that cause coughing while vaping. Although some people are aware of propylene glycol (PG), some people aren’t aware of the proper technique. Some individuals also develop a cough if they quit smoking; in such cases, the cough has nothing regarding vaping.

3. Vaping Indoors Isn’t Allowed

Along with state government, the Federal government has enforced strict regulations and guidelines for vaping, including the prohibition of vaping indoors such as enclosed workplaces, bars, and restaurants. Even in certain areas vaping is banned at workplaces as well. So beware, never vape indoors.

4. Choosing Nicotine Strength

While choosing your vape juice, ensure that you consider its nicotine strength besides its flavor. Nicotine strength is the total amount of nicotine per ml of juice. If you are new to vaping, ensure that you choose 0mg/ml e-juice, light smokers must try 3mg/ml, and regular smokers can choose 6mg/ml. You can also find 12mg/ml and 18mg/ml e juices available, but that’s only for heavy smokers.

5.Choosing VG/PG

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are the two primary ingredients utilized in many e-liquids. Each bottle of the e juice can have a PG/VG ratio that affects the thickness and flavor of the e juices. VG is thicker than that of PG and hence needs to be heated more, which explains why you will need a box mod device for high VG e juices. Moreover, VG e-juices also often possess less nicotine. On the contrary, the e-juices with higher PG content delivers a sharper throat hit that former smokers crave.

6.Replace Coils Regularly

The atomizers’ heating elements are called coils that need to be replaced every couple of weeks. When coils are not replaced, it starts tasting burnt. So replacing coils is highly recommended.

By Joe Lewis

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